5 Quick Tips for Custom T-shirt Printing Beginners

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The world of custom t shirt printing Malaysia can be overwhelming, even for experienced designers. Just when you thought you knew everything about t-shirts and printing, suddenly there are all these new terms and options for choosing materials. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. In this post we’ll cover some common mistakes that people make when ordering their own custom tees so that you don’t fall into them yourself.

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing you should do when you’re thinking about getting custom t shirt printing is to make sure you have a good idea of how much money you’re going to need. This can be tricky because there are so many factors involved in printing your shirts, including the cost of materials and labour.

There are also things like shipping costs and taxes that will come into play, so it’s important that your budget covers everything from start to finish and more! If not, then it might be time for some creative thinking or maybe even some outside help.

2. Understand Your Target Market

Once you’ve figured out your brand, it’s time to start thinking about your target audience. Who will be wearing your shirts? What do they like and dislike? How old are they? What gender do they identify with? What kind of income level does their demographic represent (if applicable)?

This step is crucial because knowing what kind of messages might resonate with a given group of people helps determine how much money and time you should spend on each design. If you’re trying to appeal to millennials who love urban fashion but hate anything that looks like it came from their parents’ closet, then having an old-school logo won’t work but if the majority are older than 35 years old and love nostalgia pieces like grunge T-shirts or ’90s band tees, then using an iconic image from that era might be just what the doctor ordered!

3. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much with your design or you will end up with a cluttered, confusing shirt that no one wants to buy. You can always add more later if you find that the design is not selling well and needs some additional attention.

You don’t want to waste money on a shirt that doesn’t sell well, especially when there are so many things that can go wrong during the printing process (more on this later).

4. Choose a Design that Works on a Small Scale

It’s easy to get excited about the idea of printing your favourite photo or favourite character on your t-shirt, but some designs just don’t translate well to small scale. If your design is too busy, has lots of colours and details (like text), or requires space for things like logos and branding, it might not print well when shrunken down to fit on your shirt.

5. Don’t Rush the Process

It’s easy to get excited about custom t-shirt printing, but you should make sure you’re happy with the design, material and printing method before pressing “order.” If you are not satisfied with any of these things, there’s no point in rushing through the process so that you can wear your new shirt tomorrow.


We hope we’ve given you some good tips for your first custom t-shirt printing project! Remember to keep it simple, choose a design that works on a small scale, and don’t rush the process. We know how overwhelming all those choices can be but remember that as long as you know what you want and how much money you have left over after buying everything else (like food or rent), then there are plenty of places out there who will help make sure that your shirts turn out great.